Are You Aware of the Benefits of Gum Grafting?

Are You Aware of the Benefits of Gum Grafting?

Oct 01, 2020

Receding gums is a common problem in the United States among adults. Gum recession affects teenagers when they don’t maintain proper oral hygiene and are affected by periodontal disease. Receding gums is an issue when the gum tissue pulls away from the tooth to leave the roots exposed. The recession causes dental health problems and smiles by increasing decay, sensitivity, inflammation, and tooth loss.

If you are affected by gum recession, you can benefit from gum tissue grafts in Houston, TX. Do you want to learn more about gum grafting surgery? Please continue reading to learn about the benefits gum grafting in Houston provides you.

Gum Grafting Surgery: What Is It?

Gum grafting or gum recession surgery is a periodontal treatment performed to place healthy gum tissue in areas where your gums have receded. Gum recession can occur because of many factors, including excessive gingivitis, aggressive brushing, having braces from the orthodontist in Houston, TX, genetics, and smoking.

The most common reason for gum recession is periodontal disease. Periodontitis is caused by bacterial buildup leading to chronic inflammation of the gums and mouth tissue. Tooth loss is a common occurrence when gum disease is left untreated.

Periodontal disease affects 50 percent of the US population. This problem is also shared with people affected by diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. However, periodontal disease can affect anyone who does not maintain proper oral hygiene. Fortunately, the dentist in Houston, TX, performs gum grafting in Houston, TX, to reverse some consequences of receding gums to protect the patient’s teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting surgery has many benefits, but the five most important among them are the following:

Prevents Further Recession of the Gums

Gum grafting surgery becomes essential when excessive gum recession is observed. Fortunately, this procedure helps prevent further recession of the gums. The job assigned to healthy gums is to protect your teeth and roots from bacteria and infection. When healthy gums cover your tooth and roots, the tissue performs the task assigned to it. Healthy gums prevent inflammation from infections helping to inhibit further recession.

Protects Tooth Roots from Decay and Prevents Tooth Loss

Gum recession leaves the roots of your teeth exposed over time. The exposure causes them to attract bacteria and viruses to begin decaying. The decay leads to loosening of the teeth and tooth loss eventually.

The Houston dentist adds new and healthy gum tissue to the gum recession areas to protect the tooth’s roots and strengthen them. The surgery protects the gums from further decay.

Reduces Tooth Sensitivity

When your gums recede, they expose areas of the tooth without enamel left to protect them. Teeth and exposed roots without enamel or gum tissue to protect them become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Gum grafting ads a layer of protection to prevent the sensitivity associated with gum recession and exposed roots.

Improving Your Smile

The aesthetics of your smile improve significantly with gum grafting. Your smile does not look attractive if you have swollen, uneven, discolored, or gums that aren’t visible. Gum recession causes sensitivity to the gums leading to bleeding and making it embarrassing to smile after eating or brushing.

Adding new gum tissue with gum grafting surgery makes your gums look better and healthy. As your gums become more assertive, they begin to look better, making your smile appear normal and healthy.

Preventing Plaque Buildup

You developed periodontal disease because you allowed plaque buildup on your teeth by neglecting proper oral hygiene. Protecting your teeth without healthy gum tissue is challenging because plaque can quickly get under the gums and other areas of the tooth, including the roots. This problem makes you vulnerable to more cavities, decay, and frequent dental visits.

When you undergo gum tissue grafts in Houston, TX, the new layer of gums helps prevent plaque from reaching the sensitive areas and making your mouth healthier. It indicates fewer problems for you in the long run.

As can be seen, gum grafting surgery has many benefits if you have receding gums. This procedure can reduce pain and sensitivity associated with receding gums and prevent further decaying and tooth loss. Best of all, it improves your overall health and the aesthetics of your smile and mouth.

Gum grafting surgery is undoubtedly worth it in the long run because you won’t have to worry about any problems and will thank the Houston dentist for recommending this procedure to you.

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