Tooth Extractions in Houston,tx

While it is common for teenagers and adults to have their wisdom teeth extracted, there are a plethora of other reasons why a tooth might need to be removed.

Often, an older adult might suffer from extensive tooth decay. This can occur because of poor brushing and flossing, failure to see a dentist on a regular basis, or an unhealthy diet. In other situations, someone could suffer a physical injury that causes irreparable damage to a tooth.

When any of these situations happen, a dentist might need to perform an extraction.

At Greater Houston Dental Arts, we perform simple, painless extractions in the Greater Houston area. This treatment uses anesthetic and modern tools to ensure the damaged tooth is removed without causing unnecessary trauma to the gums and soft tissues.

Does an Extraction Hurt?

The process of dental extraction does not hurt. Depending on your situation, we will use either a topical or intravenous anesthetic. This medication ensures you do not feel pain during the procedure. Instead, you might notice some pressure in the mouth as our specialist carefully removes the tooth from the jawbone.

After an extraction, it is normal to experience swelling and tenderness for a few days. We recommend over-the-counter painkillers and might prescribe antibiotics to prevent an infection. It is ideal that you avoid eating irritating foods like salty snacks until the extraction site starts to heal.

Will I Get a Replacement Tooth?

It is possible to request a replacement for your missing tooth. Before treatment, speak with our staff to discuss the options available to you. Some patients prefer a dental implant, while others might qualify for partials and dentures.

How to Receive Care

Extraction is not performed lightly. Before performing the treatment, our staff will examine your mouth and see if there are options available to repair the damage. If there are not, then we can either arrange a separate appointment for your extraction in Houston or remove the teeth during the same day.

Whatever your situation may be, do not hesitate to contact us at Greater Houston Dental Arts for top-notch care.

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