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Oral Appliances

in Houston, TX

Oral appliances are an essential component of proper dental and orthodontic care. These are small devices or shaped pieces of material that fit in the mouth, protect the teeth, and hold the jaws in place. They are often called dental guards, but can also go by mouth guards.

At Greater Houston Dental Arts, we feature a team of dentists, orthodontists, and specialists dedicated to helping you overcome issues like bruxism and sleep apnea. Whether you need a football mouthpiece or a sleep apnea mouth guard, we are the best dentist near you in Houston. We can fit you for a custom appliance and get you on your way to a healthier, safer lifestyle.

Who Needs a Mouth Guard in Houston?

There are several different conditions that require the creation of a custom mouth guard. One of the most common reasons to receive a dental device is for proper oral protection while playing contact sports like football.

During sports, there are many opportunities for injury, including from falls, being struck by a ball, or being tackled. A reliable sports mouth guard is made of a flexible material like rubber and sits between the teeth, so they don’t crack together and become damaged. Sports mouth guards can also prevent biting the tongue or other soft tissues.

Besides sports, many people need a mouth guard for teeth grinding or clenching. The proper term for this condition is bruxism, and it can cause intense wear and tear on the teeth and joints of the jaw. A fitted oral appliance stops you from engaging in these behaviors, helping protect your mouth.

How to Get One

At Greater Houston Dental Arts, we are the premier supplier of custom mouth guards in Houston and the surrounding area of Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, Houston Heights, and Memorial. If you are looking for an oral appliance, all you need to do is schedule an appointment with our office for a consultation. We will take digital x-rays, determine the ideal fit for you, and then send our specifications to a nearby dental lab.