Periodontics in Houston, TX

Did you know that caring for your gums reflects on both your oral and overall health? That is why we, at Greater Houston Dental Arts, place emphasis on the prevention and treatment of periodontal (gum) disease. Dr. Younus and her exceptional team are committed to helping you maintain a healthy smile for years to come.

Causes of Periodontal Disease

Plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, continuously forms on the teeth. If not removed, the bacteria in plaque can cause gum inflammation, resulting in the gums pulling away from the teeth, leaving spaces known as pockets. Plaque gets trapped in these pockets, and can’t be removed by regular brushing or flossing. If left untreated, periodontal disease can progress, potentially resulting in bone and tooth loss.

Periodontal Disease and Your Health

Periodontal disease is not only detrimental to your oral health but can also affect your overall health. Studies have uncovered a connection between gum disease and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other serious conditions.

Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing): This is the first line of treatment and is often all that is needed to reverse the earliest stage of periodontal disease, known as gingivitis. Scaling involves removing plaque and tartar from your tooth surfaces and below the gum line, while root planing entails cleaning and smoothing out the root surfaces, which discourages any further buildup of tartar and bacteria. This procedure helps promote the healing and reattachment of the gums to the tooth surfaces.

Medications: Oral or topical antibiotics can help control gum infection. There are also medications administered along with scaling and root planing that help prevent the progression of periodontal disease.

Surgical Intervention: This may be necessary with advanced gum disease (periodontitis), or if the condition does not resolve following treatment with scaling and root planing and the use of medications.

Soft Tissue Management Plan

At Greater Houston Dental Arts, we design soft tissue management plans to achieve lifelong periodontal health. Your plan typically consists of thorough periodontal exams, deep pocket measurements, deep cleaning below the gum line into the pockets, irrigating the area with medication, more frequent professional cleanings, and a home oral hygiene regimen.

Specialist Periodontal Care in Houston, TX

Contact Greater Houston Dental Arts to learn more about treating and managing gum disease. Our expert team, led by our respected periodontics specialist, Dr. Younus, is committed to providing the highest level of care in a comfortable, relaxed environment. We look forward to helping you enjoy a healthy smile for years to come! Call us and schedule your appointment today!

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