The Top 6 Benefits of Using Invisalign® Clear Aligners

The Top 6 Benefits of Using Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Dec 01, 2021

For decades, metal braces dominated the orthodontic field as the only option for correcting orthodontic issues. Therefore, most adults didn’t fancy orthodontic treatment and would rather contend with their orthodontic problems. But Invisalign®, in Houston, TX, was a game-changer.

Invisalign in Houston, TX, has been around for a couple of decades and has over 5 million smiles attesting to its efficacy.

When you wish to correct orthodontic issues, our Invisalign dentist near you will ensure that your smile is transformed since the process is:

  • Comfortable since they are snug and will not fall off when you are wearing them
  • Controlled because they have grooves that ensure that they are more precise in guiding your teeth

So, let’s peer into some of the benefits that make Invisalign near you stand out:

  • Invisalign Can Correct Several Orthodontic Problems

The beauty about Invisalign is that it is versatile, meaning that it can solve a myriad of issues ranging from mild to moderate. Some of the issues that can be solved using Invisalign are:

  • Gapped teeth – this is when your teeth are too far apart
  • Overbite – this is when your teeth in the upper jaw significantly overlap your bottom teeth
  • Crossbite – if the lower jaw teeth at the back of the mouth fitting over your teeth in the upper jaw. Or your front teeth in the bottom jaw fitting over your teeth in the upper jaw
  • Underbite – when your teeth in the lower jaw significantly overlap your upper teeth
  • Crooked teeth – when your teeth are misaligned
  • Open bite – this refers to the scenario when your teeth in the lower and upper jaw don’t meet even after you close your mouth
  • Crowded teeth – this occurs when you have a small jaw and teeth seem to overlap or push behind other teeth

But you need to know that Invisalign will only treat mild and moderate cases. If you have severe orthodontic issues, our dentist may be forced to perform extensive orthodontic work.

  • Less Pain and More Gain

Orthodontic treatment is not synonymous with discomfort and pain, especially when you are using Invisalign. When you use traditional braces, expect the gums and cheeks to be irritated while you are still getting used to them.

However, Invisalign uses a patented material known as SmartTrack® that is strong enough to move your teeth but gentle enough not to damage your teeth and gums.

Your teeth will move subtly, and you might feel some discomfort, but you can be sure that your cheeks will not be irritated.

  • Invisalign Will Improve Your Oral Health and Oral Function

One of the major issues you might face when you have malocclusion or misaligned teeth is that you will have difficulty cleaning your teeth. So, you will be at an increased risk of getting gum disease or cavities.

Malocclusion can also make it harder for you to chew because the teeth are not aligned as they should. Therefore, you can battle poor digestion since digestion begins in the mouth. Additionally, you can overwork the jaw, leading to jaw pain and headaches. Plus, you might develop the temporomandibular joint disorder, a problem that affects the joint that connects the lower jaw to your head.

But if you get Invisalign from our Invisalign dentist near you, your teeth will be straightened, and the functionality of your tooth will be restored.

  • Invisalign Will Improve Your Oral Health

As mentioned earlier, malocclusion and misalignment can make cleaning your teeth a daunting task. Flossing and brushing will not be as effective as they should be. However, when you have your teeth straightened, your oral health will improve since you will easily access all of your teeth.

  • Invisalign Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Since Invisalign is made from high-quality clear plastic, they are nearly invisible. Therefore, you can smile without worrying if people will see a mouth full of wires!

  • You Can Eat Anything

This must have made you smile! There are no diet restrictions when you use Invisalign. You can go on enjoy your meals as usual. However, the major caveat is that you shouldn’t eat or drink anything except clear water while wearing them. You need to remove the aligners, eat your meal, brush your teeth, rinse the aligners, and then wear them.

Invisalign near you will fix orthodontic issues comfortably and discreetly. If you desire to get Invisalign, contact us at Greater Houston Dental Arts to schedule an appointment.

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