Orthodontic Braces For Adults

Oct 01, 2021

A straight,well-aligned, white set of teeth produce a brilliant and perfect smile. Your smile helps...

5 Dental Treatments Offered in Periodontics

Sep 01, 2021

When dental trouble kicks in, contacting your dentist is always the best course of action...

Bad Breath Treatment Essential to Prevent Embarrassment and Anxiety

Sep 01, 2021

Halitosis, commonly referred to as bad breath, is embarrassing and, in some cases, also causes...

Everything You Should Know About Lingual Braces

Jul 01, 2021

The desire for a perfect smile has motivated millions of people across the world to...


Jun 01, 2021

Oral health is very important. Generally, keeping good hygiene can help prevent some oral issues....

Familiar Periodontic Treatments and Procedures

May 01, 2021

Various treatments and procedures fall under the umbrella of periodontics. The treatments range from scaling...

How Do Dental Braces Work To Align Your Teeth?

Apr 01, 2021

Dental braces are commonplace in dental practice. Chances are that you have come across several...

Straightening Misaligned Teeth Using Lingual Braces

Mar 01, 2021

Although braces are meant for both kids and adults, the thought of having adult braces...

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Improve your Smile with Professional Orthodontic Treatment Houston

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Periodontics: Everything You Need to Know

Periodontics: Everything You Need to Know

February 3, 2020

Introduction: Did you know 47.2% of Americans over age 30 have some form of periodontal…

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